Release Alpha v0.2: Computerplayer, UI improvements and tons of bugfixes

First of all: Happy New Year 2016 and thanks for your support and interest in this project during 2015! I also want to say: Many thanks to all the contributors who helped to bring this game a huge step forward!

Speaking of which: The new Alpha Release v0.2 is out with our brand new AI! Many thanks go to Stephan (@codingberlin) who developed this great feature.

To play with AI players, you can simply start a new single player game. All other players on the map will be AI players. One important thing to mention: We have four AI difficulties at the moment. As our main menu UI still lacks a lot of features you currently cannot really configure the AI difficulties (there is a way via a configuration file). Nevertheless, to give you guys a comfortable way to test all of these AIs, every player will have a different difficulty level. Therefore, player 2 will be very easy, player 3 easy, player 4 hard and player 5 will be very hard.

In multiplayer games, all player spots not taken by humans will be played by a very hard ai player.

Another important thing I have to add: At the moment, you as a player, can controll and see the AI players in singleplayer games. This is actually by intention as it allows you to see what the AI does, how it does it and what could be made better. If you see a mistake, you can actually try to help the AI in the battle against other AIs or yourself. Feel free to report issues and possible improvements, so we can enhance the AI further.

As always, we will continue to work on the game and are looking forward to your feedback. And if anybody would like to make a cool, up to date video with the newest release to be published on this site, feel free to write me an email!

Best regards + have fun with the game,


PS: Upcoming changes: New main menu UI and the possibility to play the original maps!

PSS: Don’t forget to Like or Share thease great news with your friends 😉

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Release Alpha v0.1.3: UI improvements, improved mining and bug fixes

I’m happy to tell you that we’ve made a new release version of the game. You can download the packages of Alpha v0.1.3 here. Please also have a look at the installation instructions.

Beyond many other fixes and smaller improvements, this release includes the following:

  • Many UI improvements including:
    • Minimap options for displaying only soldiers / settlers / none; coloring the player’s area … (please note: buildings are not shown on the minimap at the moment).
    • Additional menus: You can now see the amount of each material you have.
    • Improved menus: The building menu now displays the number of buildings you have and the number of buildings in construction.
    • and more
  • Mining has been reworked to behave more like in the original game. Mines now also display their current productivity.
  • Amazon Demo files are now really working for the game.
  • Further bug fixes.

We hope you enjoy the game! If you have any trouble, please let us know (preferably as a ticket on GitHub/JSettlers or write me an email, post a comment if you don’t have account on GitHub).

Have fun and enjoy the game! Best regards,


PS: We’re now also working on an AI implementation. It is already quite good and will be improved further…

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JSettlers is Open Source, First Alpha Released!

Hello all!

UPDATE 26.04.2015 22:47: New release with some bug-fixes and an easier installation. Furthermore, new Java OpenGL libraries should improve rendering on more platforms.

UPDATE 07.04.2015 22:47: I just published a new release with some bug-fixes.

I’m happy to announce that the source code of our Settlers 3 remake is now fully available on GitHub. The repository can be found at Please read the for an installation guideline and a developer guide, if you want to assist the development. There you can also download the first alpha release of the game.

Before you start the game, have a brief look at the manual, as there are some extra features in the UI, you should now about.

Also note that you will need to have an original version of “The Settlers 3” installed on your computer, as this game is using the original graphics and sounds.


  1. This game is only in an alpha status! So be aware of bugs, missing features (no AI, only Romans playable, missing buildings…), an “unfinished” UI and frequent code changes possibly breaking your savegames. I’m looking forward to your reports and help in improving this game!
  2. I’m still looking for a good name and I’m open for your (serious) proposals.
  3. When following the installation instructions for JSettlers, you will also get the Map Editor installed. Feel free to design great maps and send them to me / commit them to the repository.
  4. I will try to update / improve the documentation more and more. If you have a special request / see a certain need, let me know!

Best regards, have fun with the game + many thanks for your patience!


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Project State: Open Sourcing in Progress

Hey together and a happy new year 2015!

I want to start the new year with some good news. As may of you noticed, the project did not make much progress during the last year. This was manly caused by fact that my partner does not have enough time to continue his participation in the project as he did before. Unfortunately the UI code, which he developed and maintained is too big for me to take it over…

Therefore I am currently working with him to get the project open sourced! After we open sourced the code, I will continue working on the project and hopefully we can push it further with the help of some of you guys!

At the moment, we are removing some copyrighted pictures from our version control (which requires some code changes) to be able to open source the code. I hope to finish this process soon.

Best regards and many thanks for your patience and continued support!

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Current Project State: Alive!

Hi together,

I recently received some posts and messages regarding the project state. Some of them even questioned if the project is still alive. (And yes, I know my long response times and rare postings led to this questions.)

Therefore I’m writing this post to say: This project is still alive! And it’s making some small progress. (As “proof” see the screenshots below.)

However, obviously the progress isn’t as fast as many of you and me would like it to be. This is caused by insufficient time resources on my side and especially on Michaels side, who mainly works on the UI.

During the last months, I was able to stabilize the game more and more, so that test players were able to play matches up to ten hours without the economy failing or other “game stopping” bugs appearing. This means the game logic is getting ready for a first open alpha phase on Linux, Mac and Windows (the performance on Android is not good enough yet). (And no, I don’t wanna name a release date yet!)

But just to be clear, the current game only contains the Romans and has not all of their buildings. For example there are no monks and ships. But the food production, mining, heavy industry as well as the soldier production are working. Multiplayer matches via Internet are also possible, but the UI lacks many features and isn’t kind of “ready”. We will work on this and I just got news from Michael, that he’ll also be able to work more on his part.

So much for now. Please excuse that I’m not that used to posting more often. I’ll try to inform you better and more often!

Best regards + much fun with the screenshots (about 12k Settlers were living in this game).


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New Gameplay Video with Battle scenes

Finally we were able to create a new video of our Settlers III remake on an Samsung Galaxy S3. This time, not only the quality should be better, than the first time, but we also show some battles!

If you enjoy our work, share and like us, so that others can also find our project.

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New Video of our easy to use Map Editor

For easy creation of new maps and to change existing maps we developed our own Map Editor. Watch the video and for more infos take a look at The Map Editor.

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First Gameplay Video of the Settlers III remake on Android

After about one year of development we are proud to show the first gameplay video of our Settlers III clone / remake on Android. For more information see our Project Description and Screenshots section.

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