Website Refresh & Update Teaser

After far too long time, I finally managed to get a rework of this website done to make a bit more modern and mobile friendly. I hope you all like the design. As always, if you find a bug, let me know 😉 . Many thanks go to Diana Tischler for her help.

I know the last update was quite a while ago, so I wanted to teaser you the next incoming update! As some of you might have already seen on Github, Tom Pratt is investing a lot of work into our Android App to finally make it playable again. Some of you we’re always wondering, why we didn’t use the same user interface for Android as we use for PC. Well, that’s mainly because the buttons would be to tiny on a phone and thus make it hard to play the game. We then started to create an new UI for it but didn’t get far before Michael didn’t have the time any more.

But now, Tom has completely reworked it and I think the results are very good already. But see for yourself:

New Android UI on Samsung Galaxy S7New Android UI on Samsung Galaxy S7

While Tom is finishing up some stuff on this major change, you can follow the progress on Github.

Besides that, the AI also got a major update allowing it to utilize pioneers making it even harder to fight against it!


I hope we will be able to get to a release soon (a month or so). We will see 😉

Best regards!