This page guides you through the installation of JSettlers and lists the download links for the current release and the nightly builds. If you experience any trouble or find bugs, feel free to contact us.


In order to play JSettlers you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • On Windows, Linux, macOS you need to have Java 8 installed.
  • On Android you need to have at least Android 4.4 (KitKat)
  • You need to have an original The Settlers III installation or download and install (or unzip) the The Settlers III Amazon Demo version (JSettlers will ask you for a folder containing the GFX and SND folders of the original game to load the original graphics and sounds). Be aware that the original game does not need to be runnable on your platform. We only need its files.

Download (Release v0.4.0-alpha)

Click on the symbol for your platform to download the latest release version from GitHub and follow the instructions below.


Windows, Linux, macOS

Windows Linux and macOS


  • Download the file to your computer
  • Unpack the .zip file to the location where you want the game to be
  • Double-click the JSettlers.jar file in the unzipped folder
  • The game should start now
  • Select the folder where you have your original The Settlers III installation
  • You’re ready to play!


The Android Robot symbol


  • Download the file to your computer or mobile device
  • Unpack the downloaded .zip file to get the Android .apk file
  • If you downloaded it to your computer, copy the .apk file to your Android device
  • Copy the GFX and SND folders from an original The Settlers III installation into a folder on your mobile device.
  • Select the .apk file on your device to start the installation
  • Allow installation from unknown sources, when asked for it
  • Start the game
  • Select the GFX and SND folders when the game asks you for them
  • Have a look at our Android User Guide to see the great features we have
  • You’re ready to play!

Download (Nightlies)

Nightly builds always contain the latest changes to the game. However, this comes with the risk of more bugs and a more instable gameplay. So if you feel adventurous and are not afraid of crashes and bugs, feel free to regularly test our nightly builds to see the newest features, bugfixes and other improvements.

And as always: whenever you encounter a bug, please have a look at our GitHub issues and report it if it hasn’t already been reported.

Our nightly builds can be found on GitHub in the settlers-nightlies repository. The builds are automatically added by our automated builds on Travis. In the settlers-nightlies repository, you will find builds from the master and some pull requests.

  • As the name suggests, the master contains the main code that was reviewed and merged and will be in the next release. Still, it typically isn’t as stable as a release.
  • The pull requests folder contains folders for every pull request with nightly builds. Please be informed that only pull requests based on branches of the JSettlers repository can have such automated builds.

All nightly builds are in folders named by the date they were created and the git hash. Unfortunately, GitHub orders them from old to new, so you have to scroll down to the bottom to get the newest builds. The git hash identifies the state of the source code and should always be attached when you create an issue, so we can inspect the right code.