The Map Editor

Easy and fast creation of beautiful maps!

For easy creation of new maps and to change existing maps of our Settlers III remake, we developed our own Map Editor. The goal was to be able to easily create pretty maps in just a few minutes. To achieve this goal, we did things like:

  • Adding special tools to the menu, like placing all you need for a player  (tower, needed people and materials) with a single click.
  • We also wanted to use the games graphics engine to be able to see the exact results and for example zoom in and out and so on.
  • With our “Noisy Line” tool, you can easily create frayed coast lines, mountain borders and so on, without the need for small corrections by the user himself.

But see for yourself! And if you like it, share us to your friends or leave a comment.

The Map Editor is running on Linux and Windows. We currently don’t think that an Android Version would be reasonable, because the UI would be tricky to design.


3 thoughts on “The Map Editor

  • 18. October 2014 at 23:11

    my favorite part of the settlers, can’t wait to come out this remake, thx

  • 20. September 2014 at 23:13

    Please contact me! I want to help anyway I can (java-programming, graphics, translation to swedish?). I am a big fan of Settlers III and has been playing this game with a friend of mine every year since we bought the game back in the 90s, even today. I really hope this project continues and becomes released into the general gaming community, without the bugs that was included in the original game (archers of players not able to shoot over borders while computers archers can) and with improved AI (AI thiefs never stealing, AI players never expanding with settlers, AI never trades among teammembers…). Of course with the option of these bugs/bad AI habits remaining… ­čśë

  • 26. January 2013 at 21:45

    Sehr nice, freue mich extrem das es so ein Projekt gibt! Siedler 3 einfach genial das Strategie Game. Und wenn das gescheit ├╝berarbeitet wird dann k├Ânnte das wieder ne Riesige Community werden.

    ps: Wenn ihr Hilfe bei Grafik Arbeiten braucht dann meldet euch bei mir.


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