Where Have We Been? What’s Up Next? Project Status!

Hi Everyone,

many of you might have noticed that our website disappeared. Unfortunately, this was due to Ubisoft notifying us that we would infringe their copyright with the images on this website. That’s why our website was offline for a long time and now does not contain the cool screenshots of our unofficial remake any more. I hope the changes I made are enough that Ubisoft is OK with this page now. If not, please notify me again (I wasn’t able to get more details from your side).

So, while these struggles combined with my masters thesis put a hold on my development efforts during the end of last year, we are now back working again. Thanks to the contributors that kept submitting cool new features and improvements building quite a pile of work for me ;).

The biggest change with the next update will be:

  • Ships! Thanks to @rpolzer, the ships are on a good way and thanks to @jaschaio, we will also get our own ship images!! This is a very important thing since the Amazon demo does not include all the required ship images. I added one of the ships below. However, the creation of these ships takes a lot of time, so this feature will still need a bit of time. If you know a 3d artist who’d like to help us, please get in touch with me!

Sorry for the delay in everything and that our page was down so long. We hope to bring you new features soon.

Best regards!

Custom Trading Ship Image

4 thoughts on “Where Have We Been? What’s Up Next? Project Status!

  • 21. June 2018 at 13:57

    I just got it to work on my android and I noticed a massive FPS drop, i don’t know if it’s my phone or not after all I am using a 1+

    I know optimization is not high on the list of things to do, it’s more like one of the last things after the game is working and running.

    I’m gonna continue playing through it for playtesting.

    Really great to see the website up again I had kind of lost hope on this project but nice to see it back!

    • 15. July 2018 at 13:11

      Yeah, performance is a problem… especially on mobile. We will try to improve it over time.

      Thanks for staying with us and continouing the testing! You can always have a look at the newest nightlies if you want to test the new features!

  • 31. May 2018 at 15:51

    Finally! Finally the website is working again! Thanks so much!

    Hope for the next big 0.5 update the idea mentioned in update 0.3 post: “Make it possible to select player slots / AIs / number of players in multiplayer matches”. It seems, that 0.4 is not supporting this yet…


    • 1. June 2018 at 14:21

      Hi Manuel,

      unfortunately, I won’t be able to get the server changes done in time for the next release. As soon as the ships are in, I want to release them and afterwards, hopefully, I can make the multiplayer better… sorry for this delay.

      Best regards,


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